Autumn weather is a force of nature: at VIESĪTES you will find something to do even on a rainy day!

Someone might say that on rainy days it is best to stay at home and watch TV without getting out from under the blanket. However, we will be happy to prove to you that this is just a delusion.

The VIESĪTES complex invites everyone on vacation, where everyone can find something to do, despite the chilly weather. Light autumn rain elicits a relaxed atmosphere of peace and romance. This is a wonderful time to have a picnic in a gazebo, revelling in the gentle breath of autumn. Be sure to arrange a lavish romantic evening and delight your loved ones!

In addition, our complex has a wonderful fishing spot that will certainly surprise you in any weather. And even heavy showers will not force you to stay in the guest cabin, because the complex has a cosy sauna, where you can always taste a soft and healing steam.

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