Time to escape the town!

Nature has awakened after a long sleep, birds are singing outside, and the temperature has approached summer temperatures – it’s time to go on vacation out of town! A great option would be a family vacation, allowing you to experience a whole slew of wonderful emotions and unforgettable experiences. In the VIESĪTES leisure complex there are various options for recreation and entertainment:
• Outdoor activities and horseback riding
• Camping in solitude with nature.
• Picnic and barbecue in the meadow with your family.
• Fishing will help you have a great time and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.
• A sauna would be great for improving health.
• If desired, you can rent a guest cabin with a terrace.
Renting a guest cabin located right by the water will allow you to spend time with the whole family, relax after hard working days and escape from the noise of city roads.

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