Visit VIESĪTES Recreation Complex and enjoy a delicious BLACK ANGUS steak!

Vacationers in the VIESĪTES Complex will now be able to please themselves with an exquisite steak of fresh beef grown in the meadows of Mārupe! A new service appeared due to cooperation with BLACK ANGUS Latvia.

Black Angus Marble Beef is a juicy meat with streaks of fat. Due to the uniform distribution of fat, the steak is soft and tender. The dish will perfectly complement a family holiday in nature.

Grown in Latvia bulls have unsurpassed meat, which is offered to taste by the VIESĪTES Recreation Complex.

You will get a unique taste experience!

Before using the steak for dinner, you can enjoy horseback riding or use other services of the Complex.

 What else to do in VIESĪTES?

Perhaps you will be pleased with rental of a guest house in nature! If you want to immerse into rural culture, you can use outdoor camping. To customers, there are also available: fishing, picnics, a bathhouse and a petting zoo and a playground.

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