Warm autumn days, a great time to relax in the VIESĪTES recreation complex!

Many people believe that with the onset of autumn, daft, exciting entertainment ends. But it’s not.You just need to find a place where you can enjoy other pleasurable activities of the season. For this, outdoor recreation in the VIESĪTES complex is perfect.

To comfortably enjoy the beauty of Indian summer, you can rent a guest cabin by the water. The close proximity of water will create a feeling of merging with nature, allow you to charge with energy and positive memories for the whole winter coming. Long-term rental of the cabin is available, which will grant you substantial discounts.

If you are a fan of steam procedures, a fully equipped sauna with a fireplace room is at your disposal.

Fishing enthusiasts will find convenient fishing piers here. A carp pond located on the territory of the complex will give great pleasure from the process of catching large, well-fed carps. They can be your best trophy of the season.

The VIESĪTES country recreation complex can offer horse riding. It has been scientifically proven that horseback riding delivers significant psychological and physical health benefits.

For your convenience, the complex is equipped with a camping. Lovers of outdoor recreation will be able to place their own or rented tents there.

A gazebo and a closed weather shelter are perfect for those wishing to organise a picnic in nature with family, friends or colleagues.

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