Implemented projects

We have completed the implementation of the project called “Improving facilities for the availability of services to wheelchair users and accessibility”.

In the tourism territory, it was impossible for guests with reduced mobility to move without the help of camping workers and accompanying persons. So, an idea of enhancing the availability of the place appeared. There is public demand for such services, and persons with reduced mobility regularly attend the camping. However, they can receive only limited services, which does not comply with the EU good practice. In fact, such guests are unable to fully enjoy their leisure in the camping.

In the framework of the project, the enterprise infrastructure will be developed improving the quality of provided services and making them more available to people with special needs. In the framework of the project, the whole camping infrastructure including the camping houses for short-term accommodation, event room, carp pond, campfire sites, children’s playground and other facilities will become available for people with special needs.

A project application has been prepared and gained support in terms of project application submission announced as a part of community-driven local development strategy for 2015—2020 of a local action group association “Pieriga Partnership”. The project is being implemented in the context of the activity “Activity implementation in accordance with a community-driven local development strategy” of Latvian Rural Development Program for 2014—2020 with the financial support of European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development in the amount of 13,500.00 EUR. The granting of State and European Union aid is administrated by the Rural Support Service.

Additional information about the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) is available at the European Commission’s website here.

Additional information about conditions for obtaining aid is available at the website of association “Pierigas Partnership” and social media portals.

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