Recreation at VIESĪTES

Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, dull monotony and endless workday routine under time pressure?
Welcome to the VIESĪTES Recreation Centre! With us you can relax, recover your strength and energy with a reserve for the whole of the coming year ahead.

Recreation at VIESĪTES means:

  • The charming nature of Latvia – dizzying landscapes, coniferous and deciduous forests, fresh air, of which you can never get enough;
  • A large and quiet pond for winter fishing, rich in a variety of fish – carps, crayfish, tench, catfish and pike perch;
  • Warm and cosy houses with all amenities – with a kitchen, furniture, a bathroom and low window sills;
  • Developed area – with a children’s playground, Wi-Fi, parking, grill equipment and lounge areas.

Relaxing with us, you’ll be able not only
to enjoy plenty of fishing, but also take a steam bath in an excellent
bathhouse equipped with a fireplace hall! Strong birch brooms, wide deck chairs
and a powerful stove will help you wash off all the accumulated fuss and
bother, relax and feel happy.

Guest houses

All guest houses at VIESĪTES are located
right above the water. Waking up in the morning, you will see the quiet expanse
of the lake, and when falling asleep – a sunset blazing with incredible colours
in the haze of the frosty sky.

Individual terraces around the houses will
give you the opportunity to arrange outdoor gatherings with friends. If you
wish, you can organise a romantic dinner here or sit in solitude with a cup of
coffee and read a newspaper.

VIESĪTES is friendly to people with disabilities

On the territory of the complex there is
everything necessary for the rest of people traveling in a wheelchair. Now our
guests with disabilities can move around any campsite and use the houses for
living without help from aside. Welcome – (371) 249-149-14!

VIESĪTES Recreation Complex is a special
place where worries leave you and everything falls into place …

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