Shelter from the bustle of city in VIESITES

Many of us are familiar with the situation when we want to elope from everything in the world and just relax. Outdoor recreation is the best choice! The recreation complex VIESITES is perfect for this purpose!

Opportunities offered by VIESITES

Rent of a cottage with all amenities. You will be able to hide from the annoying problems by being left alone in one of the four isolated cottages by the water, without thinking about the dangers that haunt in a city. Here you can go fishing, enjoy the autumn colours.

Horse riding. You will be able to enjoy leisurely, relaxing horse riding in the campsite.

Sauna. After outdoor recreation and picnic, you can relax in the cosy sauna. Complete relaxation after a replete sauna is created there It creates an ideal atmosphere for.

Come to VIESITES! With us you will be able to get rest for your body and soul!

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