Spring is a splendid season!

As soon as the warm weather rolls around, more and more people want to spend their free time in nature. After the cold spell, they really want to enjoy delicious and aromatic shish-kebabs, steaks and other dishes cooked over a fire. Why not fish in the cleanest pond? Such an activity not only relaxes, but unites friends and relatives as well. These and other entertainments are offered by our VIESĪTES recreation complex. We are pleased to meet both a large company and newly-minted families with babies. Everyone can have a great time with profit to health and soul. Living in comfortable cabins, fishing in a well-kept pond, picturesque landscapes – these are just a few reasons why you should visit us.

We guarantee a positive mood and unforgettable emotions only! Every guest with us will feel the onset of spring and experience all the offerings it gives.

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