Family recreation in the VIESĪTES recreation complex

You have a great opportunity to spend an unforgettable time with your family in one of the most beautiful places. The VIESĪTES recreation complex has everything for every family member to relax and enjoy a wonderful rest in nature. The guest cottages are equipped with terraces that offer wonderful views of the surrounding countryside. All […]

Autumn weather is a force of nature: at VIESĪTES you will find something to do even on a rainy day!

Someone might say that on rainy days it is best to stay at home and watch TV without getting out from under the blanket. However, we will be happy to prove to you that this is just a delusion. The VIESĪTES complex invites everyone on vacation, where everyone can find something to do, despite the […]

Unforgettable holidays and corporate parties in the complex VIESĪTES

If you want to celebrate your birthday, organize a corporate party or other event so that you will have unforgettable impressions, go to our recreation complex VIESĪTES. Here you will find picturesque inspiring landscapes, bird songs, clean air. We offer various possibilities for celebrations. It can be a traditional party table set in a large […]

Mellow autumn is in full swing: don’t miss the chance to relax in silence and a riot of colours!

Mellow autumn is an amazing time for the whole family. The living conditions on the campground will surely please you. If an unforgettable open-air recreation is what you need, then the VIESĪTES complex will certainly delight everyone who wants to spend time with benefit and pleasure. Picturesque landscapes in yellow-orange tones will give holiday-makers harmony […]

Autumn is coming and it’s a great time for a leisurely vacation

We made sure that on autumn days you forget the melancholy and have a great time outdoors. The modern recreation complex VIESĪTES has prepared a plenty of interesting things for you. What to do this autumn? Organise an autumn weekend with VIESĪTES. The complex offers relaxation for everyone who wants to become one with the […]

We had a great summer with you! And a wonderful autumn awaits us!

The passing summer is not a reason for sadness, because the VIESĪTES recreation complex still receives guests! You can have a good time with us, celebrate a big event, go fishing and warm up in the sauna on a murky day. For those who never got a chance to really recreate this year, the time […]

It’s the height of summer! Come to the VIESĪTES recreation complex to have an exciting time!

Everything is here for you You are tempered to leave the hot city streets at least for a while and spend a family vacation, admiring the untouched nature. But where will you find this heavenly place, since civilization has penetrated everywhere with destructive force? We hasten to set your mind to ease. It is located […]

We invite outdoor activities fans to spend an unforgettable time in the VIESĪTES recreation complex

The VIESĪTES recreation complex has created a wonderful world of unhurried rest for you. Once in for an hour or a whole weekend, you will aim at getting in here again and again. This is because so much care and love for our customers is invested in each project that it’s impossible not to appreciate […]

Entertainment, outdoor activities, celebration of important dates in the VIESĪTES Recreation Complex!

The VIESĪTES Recreation Complex offers expanse for fans of fishing, as there is a beautiful pond with KASTOS carps near where it is so pleasant to sit with a fishing rod in the evening dawn or in the morning. The guests of the complex organise picnics, enjoy the clean air, horseback riding, swimming and sunbathing. […]

An open-air feast is a charm of romance and hearty vibes. Book your dates now!

VIESĪTES Recreation Complex invites you to hold a celebration of any format on a summer terrace with a canopy. The combination of great spaces, fresh air and picturesque nature energises with happiness. Come to us to celebrate a small wedding ceremony or anniversary in nature – it will be fairylike beautiful and original. The feast […]

Visit VIESĪTES Recreation Complex and enjoy a delicious BLACK ANGUS steak!

Vacationers in the VIESĪTES Complex will now be able to please themselves with an exquisite steak of fresh beef grown in the meadows of Mārupe! A new service appeared due to cooperation with BLACK ANGUS Latvia. Black Angus Marble Beef is a juicy meat with streaks of fat. Due to the uniform distribution of fat, […]

Time to escape the town!

Nature has awakened after a long sleep, birds are singing outside, and the temperature has approached summer temperatures – it’s time to go on vacation out of town! A great option would be a family vacation, allowing you to experience a whole slew of wonderful emotions and unforgettable experiences. In the VIESĪTES leisure complex there […]

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